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Getting your auto glass replaced with a trusted company like AutoGlassNow® makes a big difference. We replace, windshields, rear windshields, car door windows, vent & quarter windows. Every auto glass replacement we do comes with the following:

High Quality Auto Glass
We only use the best quality OEE and OEM replacement auto glass for your vehicle, which ensures a correct fit and a long lasting, strong windshield.

Trained Technicians
All our technicians undergo extensive training to guarantee they get your auto glass is fixed correctly.

All of our primers, adhesives and tools are top quality and industry standard, ensuring a perfect bond between your windshield and automobile.

Lifetime Warranty
Every auto glass replacement comes with a Lifetime Warranty that covers against glass defects or any leaks in the auto glass or molding.

Rocks and road debris is the number one cause of a cracked or chipped windshield. We only use high quality, industry standard resin and professional tools. Repair your windshield before it spreads, it's cheaper than a windshield replacement.  A Certified AutoGlassNow® Concord Tech will ensure that your windshield can be safely repaired.

Your windshield may be repaired if it meets the following criteria:

The damage to the window is smaller than a quarter

The crack hasn't started to "spider" and grow

The chip isn't on the edge of the windshield, affecting structural integrity

You can still clearly see out your window if repaired

The crack hasn't gone all the way through the windshield

If your windshield has more than three cracks, was hit by a large object, has a very deep crack, or if your car was involved in a major collision, windshield replacement is recommended. Major impact often results in weakening of your windshield's glass and supporting frame

Windshield Replacement Process

AutoGlassNow® Concord Provides professional windshield replacements at a fraction of the price. With all windshield replacements you can expect:

  1. Our auto glass technicians to walk through the entire replacement process with you.
  2. Professional Auto Glass Installation using only industry grade tools and High Quality OEE or OEM Auto Glass
  3. Drive away time after auto glass installation is 30 minutes.
  4. Quick Service! The entire job takes about 1 hour to complete!

* If your vehicle has rust damage, the rust will need to be sanded down to the metal and primed before moving on to the next step. The technician working on your vehicle will inform you of the rust before proceeding.

Concord Customers Enjoy Same-Day Mobile Service!

Save time and money! In addition to our low auto glass prices, when you can't come to us, we will mobile out to your location. Call and Schedule mobile service with AutoGlassNow® today!

Concord Customers Enjoy Same-Day Mobile Service!

Save time and money! In addition to our low auto glass prices, when you can’t come to us, we will mobile out to your location.

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